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Welcome to our site, where we hope you will find the information that will help you solve the problem or problems you may be experiencing with your Keurig coffee brewer.

As much as we enjoy the coffee from our Keurig B60, every so often it does cause a problem or two. Those little gremlins seem to pop their heads up just when you don’t need them; which can be a little frustrating to say the least. The types of issues that we have had, and which really lead us to developing the content on this site, include a partial cup of coffee, the machine not turning on at all and lots of noise but no water coming through.

So despite the design and general quality of the coffee brewers from Keurig they do have their problems. What we have assembled under our Problems With Your Keurig Coffee Brewer section is some of the most common issues we have come across. If you have other Keurig issues you would like included on our site then certainly do get in touch and we would be happy to see what we can do. You can do this by clicking here or using the Contact Us option from the menu on the sidebar to the right.

In addition to covering the most common problems that can arise with your Keurig, we have also brought you more useful information that we hope will enable you to make the most of your Keurig brewer.

Video TutorialsWe recently put together a series of videos for a previous site we use to run called (some of you may have come through a redirection from that site that we still have in place). The videos, which can be accessed by clicking here or using the menu on the right hand side, go through some of the more common questions we received from our readers. These include, how to remove the Keurig outer panel, how to replace a Keurig transformer, through to the more simple of where do I find my Keurig’s serial number.

We hope you find the videos useful and do appreciate your feedback – do be kind :-)



Keurig Replacement Parts

Portion Pack Funnel 2Sometimes the only option available to get your Keurig back to life is the replacement of one or more of its parts. We have put together a list, which we will add to over time, of the parts that will solve some of the most common issues facing our readers. You can access this section here.


Problems With Your Keurig Brewer

Troubleshooting Icon 1This section brings you information about the most common problems we have come across in troubleshooting the Keurig machines. These types of issues might be the brewer producing only a partial brew or the coffee maker not switching on at all.


Keurig Manuals – Quick Start Guides

Keurig Manual Icon 1You may be like us when it comes to keeping track of all those manuals that come with home appliances. We are normally pretty good at keeping them in one folder, but it always seems to be the one you really need at the time is the very one that wasn’t put back last time it was used – or never made it there in the first place. So we have put together a small section of Keurig Manuals that cover the most popular models with their Quick Start guides.


Keurig User Manuals (Care and Use)

Users ManualA number of our readers have been in touch regarding the more detailed owners manual for their Keurig. So we have put together this section for the more popular brewers and so we hope they will be of help. You can access the manuals here or from the menu on the right hand side menu.


How to Clean a Keurig

Cleaning Icone 1Descaling your Keurig is an important step in keeping it clean and in good working order and is a specific task for the brewer’s cleaning process. Again we have collated material, click here, directly from Keurig themselves for each of their popular models in how to descale a Keurig brewer.


Keurig Registration

Promotions Icon 1We didn’t register our Keurig when we first purchased it, but we wish we had. So we wanted to encourage our readers to do this easy step, if they haven’t done so already. There are now some nice little benefits to registration from Keurig and this section, by clicking here, will take you through each of them.


The Workings of a K Cup

Keurig Pods Image 2Our latest addition to the site comes in the form of a short article on how a Keurig Pod (or K Cup) actually works and how it is made-up.


Keurig Exit Needle Cleaning

Portion Pack Holder 2We have recently had a few questions about how to clean the exit and entry needles on a Keurig. So to help our readers with this, this article goes through a simple 8 step process that takes around 10 minutes to complete.

If this is something you think your Keurig might need, in particular if it is suffering from say partial brew cycles or you are finding coffee grounds in your cup, this might be just what your brewer needs.


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And please also note that our site is not connected in any manner with Keurig or any of it’s parent or subsidiary companies. This site is provided in good faith by us to help you with problems you might be having. In providing this information we hope you can continue to enjoy your Keurig coffee.