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Solving Your Keurig Brewer Problems

Welcome to our site. Our goal and purpose here is to show you how to fix the problem you are having with your Keurig coffee machine. We know there are a lot of sites out there with information about fixing Keurig problems, so we appreciate you visiting. We believe that if we can’t help you with your Keurig coffee maker problems, no one else can.

As Ashlyn mentions above, we have a number of options to help you along the way in getting your Keurig fixed as quickly as possible and back to brewing coffee as it should be.

 How We Can Help You …



DatabaseProblems With Your Keurig Brewer

This is our main problem solving page, covering all of the common Keurig issues, fixes and troubleshooting tips to get your Keurig machine back to brewing great cups of coffee. The types of issues we help you with include the PRIME ERROR message, water discharging into the cup, weak tasting coffee, the Keurig will not brew and the dreaded NOT READY message.

Q&A iconYour Keurig Questions and Answers

We are working our way through answers we have provided from readers messages and emails over the last couple of years. The types of problems that people have written in about include coffee grounds in their coffee cup, water only dispensing without a k-cup in the holder, milk being run through the machine, a full cup being produced when the small cup size is selected and the top needle misaligned.

clip art of a search iconSearch Our Site

We have implemented a better search function on our site that we hope provides much more accurate and relevant returns for the particular issue you are needing help with. So whether it’s how to run vinegar through the machine, how the paper clip is used or where the water goes from the water pump, you’ll find solutions somewhere on our site.


More Sources of Help ….

Keurig Repair Guides

Video TutorialsThere is a mix of both video and written guides (with plenty of photos) covering a broad range of repairs. These repair guides take you through some of the more common questions we have received from our readers. These include, how to remove the Keurig outer panel, how to replace a Keurig transformer, through to the more simple of where do I find my Keurig’s serial number and how to replace the filter in the water tank.




Keurig News and Views

news iconWe wanted to bring you the latest news about Keurig and other information that we felt you might find interesting. Some of the articles we cover include the best places to buy K-Cups and Keurig brewers, and the latest in Keurig promotions and discounts.


Keurig Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts IconSome solutions to repairing your Keurig, for example the “burp and slap”, don’t need any replacement parts, however others do. So if you are needing to fix the water pump or a power transformer unit, or even just wanting to replace the k-cup holder or the removable water reservoir, we provide a list of spare parts that we can recommend and advise on the problems they will solve.


Keurig User Manuals (Care and Use)

Users ManualKeurig use to have their complete range of Care and Use guides on their site for each of their K-Cup Brewers. However these have now largely been taken down, so we have provided you with an almost complete library of them here.


Keurig Manuals – Quick Start Guides

PDFThe Keurig Quick Start Guides provide you with all the information you need to start your Keurig Brewer for the first time. Most of these guides have been taken down from Keurig’s website too, so we have a library for most of the K-Cup brewers here for you.


How to Clean a Keurig

Cleaning Icone 1Cleaning your Keurig Brewer is an important activity to keep the machine in good working order, in particular the descaling process. We provide you with a step-by-step guide in how to do this easily, dealing with the machines more complicated and sensitive parts. So taking to the brewer with a can of compressed air is not one approach we recommend.


The Workings of a K-Cup

Keurig Pods Image 2This short article explains how a K-Cup works, where water comes out with water through the machine, into the K-Cup and then to producing a hot cup of coffee.


Keurig Exit Needle Cleaning

Portion Pack Holder 2We have recently had a few questions about how to clean the exit and entry needles on a Keurig. So to help our readers with this, this article goes through a simple 8 step process that takes around 10 minutes to complete. Having tried the paper clip cleaning approach we find it does work well, but there are few things to watch for during the process.


Keurig Registration

Promotions Icon 1We didn’t register our Keurig when we first purchased it, but we wish we had. So we wanted to encourage our readers to do this easy step, if they haven’t done so already. There are now some nice little benefits to registration from Keurig and this section, by clicking here, will take you through each of them.


Understanding the Keurig Warranty

Graphic of a one year warrantyKeurig issue a standard one year warranty with their machines and from what we read it gets plenty of use from customers. If we had a dollar for the number times we have saved a reader who was ready to throw their machine out but instead used the warranty, we would be …. you get the picture.